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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The BOP creation did indeed violate Code Home Rule Law

From the desk of Allegany County News:

We at Allegany County News has discovered what opponents of the former BOP have said the creation of the BOP was illegal. Well those people were correct 100 percent it turns out when the former County Commissioners created a Separate Police force they did so without General Assembly Approval. How do we know we manage to snip the following from the Maryland Association of counties and it says the following for Code Home Rule Counties. Ability to establish separate police and corrections departments are as follow. Under code Home Rule Corrections Department or warden may be done through enactment by Commissioners of a Public local law. But here is what it says for Creation of Separate Police Department and it says this: Police Department still requires General Assembly approval. Allegany County since 1974 has been Code Home Rule and the creation of the BOP under Code Home Rule was illegal without General Assembly approval. Ladies and gentleman what Former Commissioners Hutchison, Lewis, and Stakem did in fact broke the law and hope the next Police Department creation is done through the General Assembly or by voters. The questions are why didn't the state General Assembly stop the creation of the BOP? Why didn't the Attorney General stop the Creation of the Bureau of Police? Of course we won't know the answers now. I'm attaching the imagine with this article.

This is the table by Code Home Rule,Commissioner,Charter form of County Governments. Allegany County is the Code Home Rule system.

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